Welcome to COMAR
We help you find a Certified Reference Material (CRM) for your laboratory.

What is COMAR ?

The COMAR database lists a number of high-quality matrix RMs that have been prepared and certified in line with ISO 17034. Their producers hold an ISO 17034 accreditation for at least part of the materials they list, or provide their CRMs as an NMI or a DI.

COMAR is still beta, we intend to make technical improvements over time.

Who is COMAR ?

COMAR is a worldwide consortium of some major publicly funded RM producers, national and regional metrology institutes, designated institutes and national laboratories. We further the use of high-quality CRMs from trustworthy producers in our economies. Every member of the consortium is represented by a coordinator, who takes care that the RMs we list comply with our publication policy, and whom you can contact for further information.

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