List your RMs on COMAR

Are you a producer of reference materials and would like to list some, or all of your materials on the COMAR database? This may be possible if:

  •     You meet our requirements for publication

    We have laid down those requirements in our publication policy. In a nutshell, we focus on matrix materials – COMAR is not intended (and technically not designed) to host those large numbers of pure substance materials on the market. In addition, we expect a certain quality of the materials you list. This quality should be underpinned by a valid accreditation to ISO 17034 for (preferably) all the materials you list, though there may be exceptions. Alternatively, you may have produced the materials as a national or regional National Metrology Institute (NMI) / a Designated Institute (DI), or demonstrate their quality otherwise.

  •     You are based in one of our membership countries

    If you are based in one of the economies that are covered by our membership, you can contact the member in your economy and ask for a listing. They will then check your compliance with our policy, and help you open an account. If this mechanism does not work, e.g., because our member organization does not have the capacity to help you, or does not have a contact person for this, please ask the Secretariat.

You have already registered on COMAR and need some help to get started listing / editing your materials? Read our one-pager.

Welcome to COMAR.


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